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Bath Room Design

A 60's RANCH

      When I first saw this guest bath in a 1960 something ranch style home, the tile, cabinetry and fixtures were stuck in that era.  The ceilings were seven feet and storage and lighting were issues. When i first met with the homeowner, she had a list of objectives with this redesign.  The most important being to have this bath more handicap accessible. Storage where she could house extra linens, blankets, and toiletries. And of course more lighting was needed. To get as much use from this bath the linen closet had to be removed. This allowed for the door to be widened from 24 inches to 30 inches max. To replace the closet i designed a cabinet tower from floor to ceiling. Now being of eight feet. The outdated wall and floor tiles were updated throughout the space. The new floor tile design was set on a 45 degree angel bring in a detail from an existing paneled wall in the entry foyer. After all was said and done, this modernized bath is everything the client imagined it to be- beautiful, functional and luxurious but most is a breath of fresh air.



Classic in design and only slightly formal, this master bath achieves a serene balance of luxury and relaxation. Finished with rich architectural detailing, paneled wainscoting covering the 12 foot walls surrounds the room: marble tile covers the floors and walls. A contemporary floating tub delivers a classic silhouette, while maple wood cabinetry provides a striking contrast to the shimmery atmosphere.  


After designing the interiors of my clients home, the master bath room become outdated and nonfunctional. It didn't flow with the beautiful interiors that was just completed throughout the house. When the clients called and wanted to renovate the bath room, I was excited to begin the design process. After our discussion, we found out there were several major issues within that space. First, the un-used platform tub. Second, the huge glass block window over the tub, reflecting off the neighbors home and giving a terrible reflection in the mirror. And Third, the shower was to small and outdated. 

The solution... since the window sill was 6 inches deep, I designed the wall system that simply covered the glass block. Allowing the exterior to go untouched and unchanged. But solving the major issue of light reflection. A free standing tub was turned 90 degrees allowing for a much larger shower area. I designing the space so it could accommodate a custom designed linen closet and cabinetry made of walnut, giving warmth to the space. Marble tile walls and floors add interest and the wainscoting around the tub area adds instant architecture and tying it into the other areas of the home. This new master bath is comfortable and luxurious. 


Every design starts with precise measurements, notes and photographs. Then the fun begins. I hand draw the floor plan to scale, fitting in all the wants and needs of the client. Once I'm happy with the layout, all the other drawings can begin to take shape. 

From the plumbing, to the tile layout and design, to the electric plan and elevations which are all drawn by hand and to scale. Making sure everything fits into the over all vision and the contractors have an understanding of that vision.    


This master bathroom started its life dark, with an over dose of brown and black marble on its floors, walls and everywhere in between. After a 4 month renovation it became a beautiful bright space. The new design is slightly formal, it achieves a serene balance of luxury and relaxation.  With the use of 24" x 48" white marble porcelain tiles in the large shower and 12" x 24" on the baths floor giving the space a much brighter and larger fill.  The bath is a combination of classic design with touches of contemporary details such as the white floating porcelain tub and lighted mirrors. Glam is introduced with the use of shimmering polished chrome and hand blown glass orbs of the chandelier. The finishing touch to this luxury bath is its heated floors and toto toilet. 




An Outdoor Kitchen

 Design doesn't have to stop on the inside of the home, it works its way to the outside as well. 

Who doesn't want an outdoor kitchen adjacent to a beautiful pool area? 

This particular client wanted an outdoor kitchen that was both functional and a place to entertain guest. When designing such a space there are certain considerations that you need to keep in mind. Sunlight being the most important. How much direct sun does the area receive in a given day. Will there be a need for shade, is there a water source to accommodate the plumbing for a sink, gas line for the grill, and electricity.  Once all these factors are noted and measurements taken, the design process can being. 

The location that was selected for this kitchen, receives direct sun for several hours.

 I needed this outdoor kitchen to be sheltered and the solution was to build an all aluminum pergola. This particular pergola has a remote control that can tilt the louvers or completely close if needed. There's a gas grill, outdoor sink and a refrigerator to keep those summer drinks nice and cold.


In todays modern world of technology housing the television and other equipment are important factors in our life. I can design an entertainment center to suit your needs and architecture of your home. When the homeowner purchased this house the entertainment center was out of date and couldn't accommodate the new 72 inch television. The solution was to design a custom built unit that not only housed the large television but also other needed equipment. The unit also had to  blend with the architecture of the existing fireplace in the formal living room area.  The end result is an entertainment center that functions its homeowner but also is as  timeless as their beautiful home.  


Whether the kitchen design is a simple update with new tile, paint color and countertops or a whole kitchen design. Allow me to design a kitchen or bar to suit your own style, needs and budget.